Data Protection and Privacy

Data protection and privacy laws aim to regulate the collection, use, disclosure, and security of personal information. Technology has enabled companies to collect and use data much easier than in the past. However, this has also increased the associated risks for companies related to non-compliance with the obligations on how to use and protect this data. Regulatory and legislative obligations vary between industries and countries, even within the European Union. At times, obligations even appear to directly contradict each other, posing increased risks for companies involved in cross-border activities.

The potential for misuse of data and the consequences mean that companies must be vigilant about collecting and using data. Our firm advises clients on a range of issues related to data protection and privacy. These include risk audits and management, as well as establishing policies, procedures and practices which meet the client’s specific obligations. We also assist clients regarding security breaches, cross-border data transfers, privacy issues within commercial transactions, as well as issues related to big data, cloud and outsourced environments.

We provide particular support to clients operating in regulated sectors (such as health, pharmaceuticals and finance) as well as those which operate across Turkey’s borders. This includes advising pharmaceutical clients regarding their data and market exclusivity obligations as well as regulatory compliance steps involved in obtaining marketing authorizations.