Unfair Trade Practices

Unfair trade practice laws promote clarity, as well as protect free and fair competition between competitors. They aim to ensure consumers can access an uncorrupted marketplace, free from cartel behavior or inappropriate and restrictive anti-competitive agreements or arrangements. The concept also extends to preventing consumers from being misled about the true provider, origin, or characteristics of a good or service.

Turkish law generally requires market-participants act as prudent business-people and in a bona fide manner. The law also contains specific prohibitions on unfair competition. Businesses have come to view these unfair competition provisions as particularly important in protecting intellectual property rights.

Our firm proactively assists clients at all stages of the supply-chain to identify and pre-emptively rectify unfair trade practices within their own organizations. When our clients experience unfair trade practices from their competitors, we provide full support to quickly and effectively stop these practices continuing and recoup compensation for our clients.

Where direct negotiation with competitors is not effective or appropriate, we regularly support clients to initiate and defend complaints before the Turkish Competition Board. Our support includes preparing key documents for complaints, as well as supporting documentation. We also support clients to include or defend unfair trade practice claims in corporate or commercial litigation before the courts.