The Guideline regarding Scientific Meetings and Educational Activities within the scope of the Regulation on the Sale, Advertising and Promotion of Medical Devices (“Guideline”) was updated with its 3rd revision on 03.01.2024.

The 3rd revision of the Guideline was updated on 03.01.2024 and published on the official website of the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (“Agency”). The significant amendments made within the scope of the guide are as follows:

  • Within the scope of the initial registration procedures of scientific meetings regulated in Article 9 titled “Meeting Registration and Notification”, the obligation to upload a document regarding the commitment of the agency undertaking the organization has been abolished.
  • In the same article regulating the educational activity notifications, a new tab named “Participant Feature” tab has been brought to the screen for the application and it has been regulated that the documents of the participant will be uploaded to this newly opened tab.
  • The payment of the fee in accordance with the price tariff for scientific meeting or educational activity has been regulated as a condition for the completion of the application.
  • It has been regulated that payments made within the scope of scientific meeting or educational activity application will not be refunded.

The full text of 3rd  revision of the Guideline can be accessed here (only in Turkish).