Amendments to the Regulation on the Presentation of Radio, Television and On-Demand Broadcasts via the Internet (“Internet Broadcasting Regulation”), Radio and Television Supreme Council Cable Broadcasting Regulation (“Cable Broadcasting Regulation”) and Radio and Television Supreme Council Satellite Broadcasting Regulation (“Satellite Broadcasting Regulation”) prepared by the Radio and Television Supreme Council (“RTÜK”) has been published in the Official Gazette dated 5 June 2024 and numbered 32567, and entered into force as of its publication. 

The definition of the term “net sales” has been changed to gross sales less sales discounts with the amendments made to all three regulations.

In addition, the following provisions titled “Conditional Access Fee” have been added to all three regulations:

  • Media service providers offering broadcasting services through conditional access shall pay 1.5% of their annual net sales to the RTÜK until the end of July of the following year. Commercial communication revenues declared for the relevant year, excluding program support revenues, shall be deducted from the net sales amount by the RTÜK.
  • If requested by the RTÜK, they are obliged to submit all kinds of information, documents and books showing their annual net sales within 15 days. Media service providers that are unable to fulfill this obligation due to hardship may be granted an additional 15 days upon written request before the expiry of the deadline.
  • RTÜK may also request information and documents from relevant institutions and organizations to determine annual net sales.

With the amendment to the Internet Broadcasting Regulation, the previous obligation to pay 0.5% of annual net sales to RTÜK for fee-based broadcasts was changed to 1.5% of annual net sales to RTÜK for broadcasts offered through conditional access.

You can access the amendment to the Internet Broadcasting Regulation via this link, the amendment to the Cable Broadcasting Regulation via this link and the amendment to the Satellite Broadcasting Regulation via this link. (Only available in Turkish)