The administration of the domain names with .tr extension has been handled by operating under Middle East Technical University (“METU”) since 1990. However, in accordance with Internet Domain Names Regulation (“Regulation”) published in Official Gazette numbered 27752 and dated 7 November 2010, the administration of the domain names with .tr extension was left to .tr Network Information Systems (“TRABİS”) which will be incorporated under Information and Communication Technologies Authority (“BTK”).

Accordingly, METU and BTK have signed a protocol (“Protocol”) on 21 December 2018 and METU’s authorities were transferred to BTK. In the Protocol, it was foreseen that TRABİS would start its operations in August 2020, and that until this date the administration of the domain names with .tr extension would remain with METU. However, this process could not be completed by August 2020.

Afterwards, ODTÜ Geliştirme Vakfı Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. (“METUnic”) made an announcement stating that the transfer to TRABİS will be completed by January 2022. METUnic has provided information domain name extensions which can be registered with or without documentation on its announcements dated 19 November 2021 and 30 November 2021 (“Announcements”). Per the Announcements, the .tr domain name extensions, and, which are among the most requested domain name extensions, will be registered without requesting any documents and on first-come, first-served basis, unlike the period.

Currently, for the registration of these domain name extensions, real or legal persons must file a document which proves their actual right on the dominant element of the domain name. These documents can be commercial activity statement obtained from chamber of commerce, trade registry certificate, trademark registration certificate or sector-specific documents. However, with the transfer to TRABİS, domain names with those extensions can be registered or transferred without any required documents.

On the other hand, per the Announcements,,,,,,,, and will still require relevant documents for registration in TRABİS era. In the Announcements, the required documents for these domain name extensions are also listed.

Please see this link and this link for the full texts of the Announcements  (only available in Turkish).