The Regulation Modifying the Regulation on Unlicensed Generation of Electricity (the “Amendment Regulation“), published in Official Gazette numbered 31479, and effective 9 May 2021, modifies and supersedes its regulatory predecessor, in relevant part, as follows:

  • Electricity producers not directly transmitting or distributing power to market, or which generate power from renewable sources are, subject to agreements in force, exempt from licensing requirements.
  • Electricity distributors intending to purchase power from an unlicensed producer must commence purchasing not later than the date on which the producer commences production.
  • The acceptance period for power production facilities is between 1 and 3 years depending on the generation source.
  • If in a given month, after applying offsets, a surplus of power was produced, then the distributor is liable to the producer therefor.
  • With respect to unlicensed power producers operational after 30 June 2021, feed-in tariffs, pricing updates, and implementation of additional or modified requirements shall be determined by the President.

The Amendment Regulation is available at this link. (Only available in Turkish)