The Communique on Turkish Food Codex Edible Casein and Caseinate (“Communique“), issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has been published in the Official Gazette on 13.12.2022 and entered into force on the same day. With the Communique which is in compliance with the Directive (Eu) 2015/2203 Of The European Parliament And Of The Council dated 25 November 2015 On The Caseins And Caseinates İntended For Human Consumption, the communique dated 03/09/2001 numbered 2001/22 was repealed and the below mentioned principles were determined on the production, preparation, processing, labeling, preservation, storage, transportation and placing on the market of edible casein and caseinates for human consumption.

The important amendments in the Communique are as follows:

  • The definitions of edible acid casein, edible caseinate and edible rennet casein were updated to make the scope of these products with a clearer definition than the earlier communique. In this way the compliance on the provisions of the Communique for these products were aimed.
  • Instead of the provisions prepared in accordance with the color, structure and other conditions related to the product characteristics, separate specifications are specified for each casein and caseinate. You can find the changes in the table at the end of this article.
  • Related regulations have been referred in line with the former communique on additives, contaminants of pesticide and veterinary medicine, hygiene, packaging labeling, transportation and storage, and methods of sampling and analysis.
  • Obligation to comply with the relevant regulation regarding coccidiostat and histomonostat residues is foreseen.
  • The reference to the provisions of the regulation on facility characteristics has been removed from the scope of the Communique.
  • Food enzymes, vitamins and certain other elements, flavorings and food ingredients with flavoring properties are included in the scope of the Communique and compliance with the relevant regulation considered as a mandatory.
  • It has been regulated that the facilities that are active by the date of publication of the Communique should complete the necessary before 31.12.2023.
  • It has been mentioned that sanctions will be imposed on those who does not comply with the regulations of the Communique, according to the Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food and Feed Law dated 11/6/2010 and numbered 5996.

The full text of Communique can be reached through this link (Only available in Turkish).