Duration of short-term employment allowance has been extended for two more months pursuant to Presidential Decree numbered 3238 published in Official Gazette numbered 31321 and dated 1 December 2020.

In this regard;

  • In accordance with Presidential Decree numbered 3238, within the scope of the principles set forth in additional article 2 and provisional article 23 of Law numbered 4447 on Unemployment Insurance, for the workplaces applying for short-time work allowance for the period after 1 December 2020, allowance will be provided until 31 December 2020. For workplaces applied before 30 June 2020, short-time work allowance had been extended for two more months starting from the two months extension period announced in Presidential Decree dated 30 June 2020 and numbered 2915.

The full text of Presidential Decree numbered 3238 is available at this link (only available in Turkish).