Information Technologies and Communication Authority (“ICTA“) published the Regulation Amending the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles regarding the Registered Electronic Mail System (“Amendment Regulation“) in Official Gazette dated 13 December 2022 and numbered 32042. Accordingly, Registered Electronic Mail (“KEP”) Systems were brought into compliance with the Regulation on Verification Process of the Applicant’s Identity in the Electronic Communications Industry (“Identity Verification Regulation“), which was published on 26 June 2021.

With the Identity Verification Regulation these following items has been regulated;

  • Applicant’s authentication process can be done by means of:
  • e-Government portal,
  • Video verification by artificial intelligence or authorized means,
  • Creating PAdES together with the Turkish identity card,
  • Taking video images to be specific to the process with the applicant’s identity document in face-to-face channels.
  • The operators/service providers will be obliged to take measures regarding the preservation of the identity verification information of the applicants in the information systems using encrypted or mathematically non-reversible methods, encrypting them while transferring for identity verification purposes, protecting against the purpose of the transaction, unauthorized access or changes to be made in an uncontrolled manner contrary to the principle of segregation of duties, and keeping the transaction record related to all processes carried out in information systems by ensuring the confidentiality, security and integrity.

With the Amendment Regulation,

  • Those who apply for KEP account, for real persons, will be able to apply for an account in accordance with the provisions of the Identity Verification Regulation, in addition to valid official documents such as identity cards, passports, driver’s licenses with a photo and substitute for identity, or a secure electronic signature.
  • In addition, if the application is made electronically by the legal person, the KEP Service Provider will be able to verify and obtain the identity information of the real persons designated as the transaction authority by the applicant legal entities in accordance with the provisions of the Identity Verification Regulation.
  • If the KEP Service Provider receives the application in accordance with the Identity Verification Regulation, the contract or undertaking signed with the applicant will be included in the transaction document created in accordance with article 9 of the Identity Verification Regulation.
  • In addition to the old methods, the applications made in accordance with the Identity Verification Regulation will also be taken into account in the requests of the KEP Service Provider to be closed for use or to reopen the KEP account that has been closed for use.
  • Lastly, the information and documents required by the Identity Verification Regulation have been added to the scope of the document titled Information and Documents to be Submitted in the Application in the annex of the Regulation, and the circular of signature and trade registry document that must be submitted in the application has been changed as registry certificate.

You can access the full text of the Amendment Regulation via this link (Only available in Turkish).