Moroğlu Arseven sponsored and led a seminar at the Kayseri Chamber of Industry on April 17 regarding alternative financing methods, with a particular focus on capital financing.

Mr. Nureddin Okandan, President of the Kayseri Chamber of Industry, noted during his opening remarks that financing was identified as the primary problem facing the Chamber’s members.

Mr. Ozakdan commented that mergers and acquisitions conducted by major companies have increasingly involved mid-scale companies in recent times. He went on to say that in order to adapt to this trend firms must prepare their financial, legal and technical infrastructures. Mr. Ozakdan further noted the importance of transparency in business transactions and appropriately registering every transaction with the necessary institution.

Moroğlu Arseven Partners, Dr. E Seyfi Moroğlu and Burcu Tuzcu Ersin attended the seminar, along with Dr. Z. Ertunç Şirin, Assistant Professor at Istanbul University. Dr. Moroğlu moderated the seminar while Burcu gave a presentation regarding basic financing resources which are available as alternatives to the traditional banking system, with a particular emphasis on capital financing.

Mr. Burak Dedeler, Director at SU Private Equity, gave a presentation regarding capital financing methods. Mr Dedeler’s presentation addressed the various models and transaction techniques, as well as analysis of the different approaches taken by strategic investors and financial investors.

Mr. Gökçe Kabatepe, General Manager at Raiffeisen Investment Turkey, informed attendees about the post-transaction process for mergers and acquisitions, including consideration of developments in mergers and acquisitions after the 2001 economic crisis in Turkey.

Established in 1966, the Kayseri Chamber of Industry serves and supports entrepreneurs, industrialists, and businessman to further encourage Kayseri’s social and economic development. The Chamber pro-actively works to meet its members’ needs, establishing Kayseri as a production base of the country and increasing the competitive power of its members.

Please see this link for full information about the seminar (Turkish)