Partners, Dr. E. Seyfi Moroğlu and Benan Arseven, contributed as guest lecturers to the Sabancı University’s course on Financing of Energy Projects, taught by Kerim Gökay. The pair gave a joint lecture as visiting scholars addressing legal aspects of project finance in the Turkish energy market. In particular, they explained legal structures used to finance local energy projects, using case study examples drawn from experience with clients in this sector. These case studies focused particularly on the renewable energy sector.

The Financing of Energy Projects course is offered by Sabancı University’s Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. The course provides students with an understanding of energy finance by addressing three areas of finance in an energy framework: pricing, asset valuation and risk management. The course places energy markets in the context of global financial markets, including hedge pricing and risk management, as well as addressing various financing alternatives for energy projects, using case studies.

Sabancı University