Partners, Dr. E. Seyfi Moroğlu and Burcu Tuzcu Ersin, contributed as visiting lecturers to the Conflict Resolution Practice course taught by Dr. Murat Bayar in the Masters Program of the Sabanci University Conflict Analysis and Resolution. The pair gave a joint lecture as visiting scholars about the legal aspects and application of arbitration and mediation as alternative dispute resolutions methods in Turkey.

Seyfi addressed international commercial arbitration during the lecture, focusing on cross border elements, arbitrability, enforcement mechanisms, commercial and legal considerations, and practical aspects of the process. Burcu discussed mediation and alternative dispute resolution techniques, historical aspects of the mediation application in Turkey, changes that are introduced by the Law on Mediation in Civil Disputes numbered 6325, and her view and expectations regarding the application of this Law.

The Sabanci University Masters program in Conflict Analysis and Resolution Program was initiated in 2000. The Program is designed to provide graduate level education for Turkish and foreign students, aiming to take a regional lead in providing support for peacemaking and conflict prevention schemes. The Conflict Resolution Practice course is offered to provide both the framework and experience for integrating theory and practice in conflict resolution.