TEİD’s (Etik ve İtibar Derneği) Joint Business Ethics Declaration signing ceremony took place on 13 January 2016, with the participation of 120 corporate members. Moroğlu Arseven has signed TEİD’s Joint Business Ethics Declaration.

The same evening the signing ceremony of “Principles of Ethics for Public Companies”, which was prepared in cooperation with KOTEDER (Borsaya Kote Ortaklık Yöneticileri Derneği) and TEİD, and the launch of the SME Anti-corruption Toolkit for the private sector was held. The SME Anti-Corruption Toolkit was prepared in the context of the B20 summit hosted in Turkey. Further information about the Toolkit’s development can be found here.

Since 2010, TEİD operates with its mission as a centre of business ethics principles, and has developed the Joint Business Ethics Declaration. TEİD’s 120 member companies exceed 100 million Dollars in total turnover and have more than 200,000 employees. The Declaration aims to establish a better understanding, adoption and prevalence of its 13 principles as a cornerstone of corporate culture within its member companies.

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