The Association of Young Lawyers (“AIJA”) hosted its 2015 Half Year Conference in Istanbul on 18 to 21 November 2015. Moroğlu Arseven was the main sponsor for the event, attended by over 100 practitioners from over 27 countries and more than 70 law firms across the world.

The conference was mainly supported by AIJA’s Skill Commission, Energy Commission and Human Rights Commission. The Skill Commission addressed legal practitioners’ perspectives on issues arising during transactions in emerging markets, particularly discussing practical skills required for counsel advising in this region. It welcomed lawyers from all areas of expertise, seeking to improve their ability to listen and to change personal perspectives.

Seminars during the conference addressed topics such as challenges and insights in emerging markets, preserving rule of law during conflict, as well as a practical course on lie detection and body language analysis. One of Moroğlu Arseven’s Partners, Orçun Çetinkaya, also participated in a panel discussion regarding challenges faced while practicing in emerging environments. The panel conversation covered a range of topics, with Orçun touching particularly on cases involving falsified evidence and bad faith.

The conference also focused on the energy sector, with regional updates and discussion of topical legal, policy and commercial issues, including factors such as disputes, construction, financing and supply chain matters. Merve Evrim, Associate at Moroğlu Arseven, gave an update on M&A issues in the Turkish energy sector. The head legal counsels of energy companies within the Zorlu Group, a major player in the Turkish energy market, also participated to a panel during the Energy seminar.

The Human Rights Commission highlighted refugee rights and the current situation in Europe. These successful panels involved valuable participation by guests representing important institutions, associations and NGOs like the UNHCR, Refugee Rights Turkey (MHD), HRDF, ASAM, Small Projects İstanbul and the Durde Platform.

Earlier in 2015, Ülkü Solak, Counsel at Moroğlu Arseven, was elected to the Executive Committee of AIJA. Ülkü has been a member of AIJA since 2011 and has acted as a National Reporter for Turkey for a range of commissions. In this capacity, Ülkü has been involved with AIJA’s Corporate and M&A Commission, Intellectual Property, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Commission, as well as the Tax Commission. She was part of the Organization Committee for the Istanbul Conference.

Established in 1962, AIJA is the only global association devoted to lawyers and in-house counsel aged 45 and under. AIJA promotes professional cooperation and friendship among young, career-building legal professionals on an international stage through meetings, seminars, law courses and advocacy. More information can be found about AIJA on its website.