As covered in our article published in MA | Gazette dated 21 September 2020, numbered 94,  the Regulation on Sale of Refurbished Products (the “Regulation”), published in Official Gazette dated 22 August 2020, numbered 31221, regulates sales of refurbished goods.

The Regulation is amended by those certain Amendments to the Regulation on the Sale of Refurbished Products (the “Amendment Regulation”), published in Official Gazette dated 2 September 2021, numbered 31586.

Notable amendments can be summarized as follows:

  • The notion “for itself or” in Paragraph (j) of article 4 has been removed,
  • For the refurbishment of the products with electronic identification numbers, to have data, voice and SMS traffic, for the one-year period immediately preceding refurbishment, and the official confirmation from the Information and Communication Technologies Authority became required,
  • The valuation of the used good must be completed within three working days after the receipt of the good,
  • Refurbishment centers can establish branches which fulfill the requirements on the Regulation except the initial capital requirement,
  • The refurbished products must contain the informative tag which provides information regarding refurbishment processes.

The full text of the Amendment Regulation is available at this link. (Only available in Turkish)