The Turkish Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (“Agency”) has announced inspection figures for cosmetic products and medical devices, relating to the second quarter 2016. The Agency’s inspections found 128 of the 170 cosmetic products inspected were deficient and unsafe (75%), as well as 419 of 497 medical devices examined (84%).

The Agency’s announcement provides figures along with details such as product owners, products, trademarks, serial numbers, barcode numbers, origins and reasons for deficiency of the stated products. Source countries for deficient and unsafe medical devices include Taiwan, Italy, The Netherlands, South Korea, China, Germany and Turkey.

All cosmetic products which were examined and found to be deficient were counterfeit perfumes.

The Agency notes the total amount of administrative fines issued for deficient and unsafe products in the period was 576,620 TL.

Please see the following links for full text and the details of the announcements (only available in Turkish):