In the Official Gazette dated 13 January 2024 and numbered 32428, the Regulation on the Amendment of the Planned Areas Zoning Regulation was published to amend the articles on definitions, construction license procedures and existing construction license applications regulated in Planned Areas Zoning Regulation.

The procedures and principles regarding structure and construction in accordance with the plan, science, health, and sustainable environmental conditions, as well as project design and supervision in areas with a zoning plan are set out in the Regulation on Planned Areas (“Regulation“) published in the Official Gazette dated 3 July 2017 and numbered 30113.

With the Regulation on the Amendment of the Planned Areas Zoning Regulation (“Amendment Regulation“), the phrase “with the exception of residential structures, structures for accommodation purposes and structures with inpatient facilities such as dormitories and hospitals, in the case of basements of public structures with a single independent section, the depth can be up to 4 meters and the width can be up to 1.5 meters by taking measures against the risk of flooding and flooding” has been added to the definition of the term “Kuranglez“.

In the Regulation, paragraph 17 has been added to Article 55 regulating the construction license procedures, and the documents required to be submitted with the application for a construction license for retrofitting purposes to strengthen the structural system have been regulated.

The phrase “structures that have been identified as risky structures or included within the scope of risky areas and for which a notarized flat-for-floor construction contract has been concluded with at least two-thirds of the owners” has been added to Provisional Article 3/5, which regulates the exemption for structures for which there is an existing construction license application and a tender decision for construction works by public institutions and organizations. The expression “31/12/2023” in the same paragraph has been changed to “31/12/2024” and the duration of the exemption has been extended.

The Amendment Regulation entered into force as of its publication date (January 13, 2024).

You can access the Regulation from this link and the Amendment Regulation from this link. (Only available in Turkish)