The Personal Data Protection Board published three recent decisions concerning processing of personal data. Each is summarized below.

  • Decision No.2020/746: Data subject’s request to receive, by Registered Electronic Mail (KEP), audio recording of interview with data controller is within data subject’s right of access to processed personal data. The recording is deliverable provided third party data – i.e., audio of anyone other than data subject and interviewer – is not included.
  • Decision No.2020/769: Data subject was not entitled to relief based upon complaint alleging improper processing of personal data occurring prior the enactment of article 5 of the Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698.
  • Decision No.2020/755: Real property manager-data controller did not violate Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698 by sharing with data subject’s landlord certain personal data requested, including an accounting of delinquent property dues and mobile phone number, since processing was necessary to landlord’s exercise of rights granted by article 22 of the Property Ownership Law number 634.