Turkey’s Energy Market Regulatory Authority (“Authority”) has amended tariff-calculations for Liquefied Natural Gas storage companies. Amendments apply particularly to the Authority’s consideration of operating expenditures changes, as well as determining the tariff which will apply if a license or activity period expires.

Accordingly, changes in operating expenditures which are taken as the basis for tariffs to calculate the Annual Revenue Requirement, which the Authority deems as outside its own control, will be considered during revenue cap calculations. The Authority will determine the parameters which will be considered when considering the changes in operating expenditures.

If a license or activity period expires for Liquefied Natural Gas storage companies, the Authority will determine the application method for the Investment Difference Correction Compound and/or Revenue Difference Correction Difference which will be applied to relevant tariff.

The Authority’s decision dated 1 December 2016 was published in Official Gazette number 29907 on 3 December 2016. Please see this link for full text of the Decision (only available in Turkish).