Turkey’s High Development Agency has approved the national e-Government Strategy and Action Plan for the 2016-2019 period (“Strategy and Action Plan”). It aims to enhance the efficiency of e-Government and impove society’s quality of life. The Strategy and Action Plan intends to establish highly integrated, efficient and reliable government and public services.

The Strategy and Action Plan outlines four strategic aims, 13 goals to fulfill these strategic aims and 43 actions to achieve these aims,. These all comply with the e-Government ecosystem overview, which is identified as a strategic focus. Strategic aims and sub-categories include:

  • Ensuring the Efficiency and Sustainability of the e-Government Ecosystem
    • Increasing coordination efficiency within e-Government operations
    • Improving the corporate e-Transformation capacity
    • Follow-up of innovative approaches and adopting these to the e-Government ecosystem
  • Adopting Common Systems For Infrastructure and Administrative Services
    • Developing common IT infrastructures
    • Developing disseminating common solutions for e-Government services
    • Ensuring unity and sustainability within administrative services information systems.
  • Ensuring e-Transformation in Public Services
    • Ensuring early and efficient electronic submission of corporate information.
    • Enhancing industrial integration in information systems.
    • Increasing the maturity level of e-Government services.
    • Improving the service procurement channels and enhancing diversity.
  • Increasing Use, Participation and Transperancy
    • Increasing the use of e-Government services
    • Increasing use areas for open data
    • Enhancing e-Participation mechanisms

The Strategy and Action Plan was published in Official Gazette number 29775 (second duplicate) on 19 July 2016. Please see this link for full text (only available in Turkish).