Turkey’s Ministry of Customs and Trade (“Customs and Trade Ministry”) has announced procedures and principles for banderol fees collected by the customs administration as revenue, as well as how the Customs and Trade Ministry’s units can use banderol fees. The customs administration collects banderol fees under the Law on Revenues of the Turkish Radio and Television Institution numbered 3093.

The Customs and Trade Ministry published the Regulation on Registration of Banderol Fees collected by Customs Administration as Revenue in Budget and Utilization by Expense Units of the Ministry (“Regulation”), in Official Gazette number 29882 on 8 November 2016, entering into effect on the same date.

Key arrangements in the Regulation include:

  • The 2% of banderole fees collected by the customs administration, or properties subject to the banderole fee under the Law, will be transferred to the Customs and Trade Ministry in cash.
  • The Ministry of Finance will register the Customs and Trade Ministry’s share of banderole fees with the economic revenue code numbered It will be tracked in a special revenue account.
  • At the Customs and Trade Ministry’s request, the Ministry of Finance must send the 2% share to the relevant Customs and Trade Ministry unit, to be recorded as allowance for necessary budget allocation. The transfer must happen by the last business day of the following month and be recorded as revenue in the general budget.
  • The Regulation outlines principles for the Customs and Trade Ministry to use the transferred share.

Please see this link for full text of the Regulation (only available in Turkish).