The Law Regarding the Establishment of Digital Platforms Commission and Amendment of Certain Laws (“Law”) was published in the Official Gazette dated 28 July 2020 and numbered 31199.

The Law envisages the establishment of the Digital Platforms Commission’s (“Commission”) aiming to prevent the use of the internet in violation of laws and outlines the Commission’s structure, duties and powers, as well as operating procedures and principles.

Structure of the Commission

The Commission will be established in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and will consist of 17 members. The distribution of Commission members will be determined by the percentage of each political party group in the total number of party groups.

Duties of the Commission

  • Providing opinions and suggestions on the issues regarding the prevention of internet use from violating laws, personal rights of individuals, right to privacy and other fundamental rights and freedoms or harming children’s physical and psychological development.
  • Discussing the primary or secondary works transferred to the Commission; examining the legislative proposals submitted to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey as well as presidential decrees issued during a state of emergency, in terms of field of purview; providing opinions and suggestions on effectively combating crimes committed through internet use.
  • Monitoring the international developments within the scope of the issues stated above, make researches on these issues abroad when necessary, providing opinions and suggestions on these developments.
  • Organizing events and projects informing the public about the lawful use of the internet.

Powers of the Commission

  • Requesting information and documents from content, access and hosting service providers, and domestic or foreign real and legal persons and receiving information from the concerned.
  • Inviting experts to receive their opinions when deemed necessary.

Please see this link for the full text of the Law. (only available in Turkish).