Turkey’s Money Credit and Coordination Board has introduced a new support package, intended to support exporters. The package addresses the tendency by exporters to move towards e-commerce subscription activities. Key changes include expanding the scope of entities involved, as well as clarifying aspects of the financial support scheme for individuals who are undergoing related training. The wider scope means more entities will be involved in supporting designers and their e commerce activities.

Amendment Communique (No: 2016/1) (“Amendment Communique”) on Design Support Communique (No: 2008/2) was published in Official Gazette number 29898 on 24 November 2016.

Key changes introduced by the Amendment Communique include:

  • The definition for “collaborative organizations” is expanded to now include:
    • Turkish Union of Chambers and Exchange Commodities.
    • Foreign Economic Relations Board.
    • Chambers of commerce and industries.
    • Industrial areas.
    • Organized industrial sites.
    • Technology development areas.
    • Sectoral associations and institutions.
    • Sectoral foreign trade companies.
    • Commodity exchanges.
    • Employer unions and associations.
    • Manufacturers’ Unions and cooperatives.
  • Graduates of college and technical high schools are added to the definition of “designer”.
  • Conceptual architectural works, patent, utility models, industrial designs and trademark renewals by design companies are added to the support package.
  • Promotion expenses paid to trademark-promotion agencies for strategic consultancy services are excluded from the support package.
  • The number of contestants who can receive financial support from collaborative organizations towards obtaining a degree increases from thirty to sixty individuals. Up to US $1,500 can be paid to each person for educational and living expenses.
  • Necessary documentation required to obtain support payments is clarified.

Please see this link for full text of the Amendment Communique (only available in Turkish).