The Turkey Promotion Group (“Promotion Group”) has been established under the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly, aiming to unify all activities to promote the country and its products among global markets. The Promotion Group replaces a range of sector-based promotion groups, which have now been disbanded. It will be funded by Turkish exporters, as a percentage contribution of their Free on Board export price.

The Promotion Group will promote exports, as well as strengthen the “Made in Turkey” concept and country’s image within global markets. Its efforts will be made in line with export policies, strategies, target markets and promotion activities, determined by the Ministry of Economy.

The Promotion Group will be funded by exporters, which will be required to contribute up to 0.03% of their Free on Board export prices, at rates which will be determined by the Ministry of Economy. Not more than 20% of the annual budget will be assigned to sectoral promotion projects.

All of the Promotion Groups activities, work, accounts and transactions will be subject to administrative and financial supervision by the Ministry of Economy.

The Regulation on Turkey Promotion Group’s Establishment and Duties and was published in Official Gazette number 30152 on 12 August 2017. Please see this link for full text of the Regulation (only available in Turkish).