Turkey has removed the fee which previously applied for changing the name and nature of integrated topography circuit owners in the Integrated Circuit Topography Registry, operated by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office Registry. Previously, when applying to make one of these changes, the right owner was required to submit a document showing that the related fee had been paid.

Integrated circuit topography owners can now make requests to change their name or nature on the Registry by submitting the following documents:

  • Request petition.
  • A copy of the Trade Registry Gazette showing the change in name or nature, or a document approved by the competent authorities (with a certified Turkish translation by a sworn translator if the document is in a foreign language).
  • Power of attorney (if the application is made by an attorney).

The Regulation Amending the Regulation on Implementation of Integrated Circuit Topographies’ Protection Law was published in Official Gazette number 30341 on 23 February 2018. Please see this link for full text of the Amendment Regulation (only available in Turkish).