Turkey has tightened rules for products which protect plants from pests. The updated regime addresses processes and responsibilities for testing these products, as well as launching them to the market. The amendments also introduce new rules for advertising such plant protection products.

Testing Plant Protection Products

Rules for testing plant protection products have been updated, including aspects such as biological effectiveness, remnants, side effects, toxicological and ecotoxicological tests.

The updated rules address:

  • Qualities of the testers.
  • The legal entities and associations which are entitled to test plant protection products.
  • Conditions for authorization and time extensions.
  • Work conditions and health checks for testers.
  • Responsibilities for entities which test plant protection products.

The General Directorate of Food and Control must now audit the legal entities which test plant products and can cancel authorizations for entities which fail to meet their responsibilities.

Launching Plant Protection Products

Requirements for launching plant protection products have been tightened, introducing advertising rules and reducing time periods for authorizations, renewals and temporary use.

Accordingly, the validity of authorizations and renewal periods have now been reduced to three years.

Technical materials used in the plant protection products must now comply with specifications foreseen by the World Health Organization and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

New provisions have been introduced for packages, labels and advertisements of plant protection products. Notable aspects include:

  • Unlicensed products must not be advertised.
  • Advertisements must include phrases like:
    • Use plant protection products cautiously”
    • “Please read labels and product information before using plant protection products”
  •  Advertisements must not include deceptive phrases or graphics (such as “low risk” or “non-poisonous”) which may cause risk for human and animal health.
  • Advertising phrases must be technically verifiable.

Please see these links for full text of the Regulations, published in Official Gazette number 30235 on 9 November 2017 (only available in Turkish):