Turkey has updated procedures and principles for manufacturing, modifying and installing vehicles. The updated rules relate to compliance with traffic security and highway structures, specifically addressing vehicle compliance approvals, as well as highway structures, seeking to increase traffic safety.

The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (“Ministry”) published the Regulation on Manufacturing, Modification and Installation of Vehicles (“Regulation”), in Official Gazette number 29869 on 26 October 2016, entering into effect on 1 January 2017.

Key updates under the Regulation include:

  • For Turkish-produced vehicles, the national type approval should be obtained. If a vehicle is not produced in Turkey, approval should be obtained from the approval body/institutions in an EU country.
  • The Ministry (or authorized institution) can withhold Approval if it is determined that a vehicle, system, or separate technical unit fails to comply with the Regulation or causes danger to road safety.
  • The Ministry (or authorized institution) can withhold Approval if it is not clear whether the manufacturing, modification or installation processes were performed in accordance with the Regulation.
  • New vehicles cannot be put on the road unless they obtain approval from the Ministry or authorized institution.
  • The properness fire detection and alarm system modifications must be certified by a technical examination report, as part of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Regulation numbered 107 (“UN/ECE Regulation”).
  • Window film can be fitted on carrier passenger or cargo motor vehicles with at least four wheels, as well as trailers (except vehicles within the UN/ECE Regulation numbered 107).
  • A voiced warning system working with the reverse gear must be fitted to:
    • Passenger carrier vehicles with at least four wheels and eight seats (excluding the driver’s seat).
    • Cargo carrier vehicles with maximum weight 12 tonne.
  • The Ministry (or authorized institution) can grant exemption from some of the Regulation’s provisions.

Please see this link for full text of the Regulation (only available in Turkish).