Turkey’s Energy Market Regulatory Authority (“Authority”) has changed the information required during applications for waste processing licenses in the petroleum market. Accordingly, an application’s facility information file and supporting documentation must now also include the applicant’s agreement with refineries or distributors, the applicant’s agreement for procuring the waste to be used for production activities, as well as device declaration for national marker adding (if applicable).

Waste processing license holders which are active in the petroleum market must now also keep at least four sample vessels for each tank, container etc. in their facilities, just like refineries and distributors.

Please see this link for full text of the Authority’s Decision number 7492, dated 7 December 2017 (only available in Turkish), which amends the:

  • Decision Regarding the Obligation of Keeping Sample Vessels in the Facilities Belong to License Owners of Petroleum Market number 836, dated 20 July 2006, and
  • Decision Regarding Explanations for License Applications in the Petroleum Market number 3242-2, dated 31 May 2011.