Turkey’s Professional Competence Authority has published a range of Communiqués introducing and amending National Occupational Standards for a number of professions.

The Communiqué on National Occupation Standards No 2016/11, 2016/12, 2016/14 and The Communiqué Amending National Occupation Standards No. 2016/10 and 2016/13 were published in Official Gazette number 29868 on 25 October 2016.

In general, Occupational Standards are made up of three sections, contemplating the profile and definition of the profession as well as the method for assessment, evaluation and certification.

The Communiqués specify the working environment, equipment, and other occupational requirements such as necessary health checks and trainings (if any). The Communiqués also outline duties and obligations for members of these professions, as well as success criteria and other personal abilities, such as knowledge, skills and behavior.

The Communiqués introduce Occupation Standards for:

  • Leatherwork Machinery Operator (Level 3)
  • Vehicle Cleaning, Maintenance and Protection Staff (Level 3)
  • Façade cleaner (Level 4)
  • Pool Operator (Level 4)
  • Corporate Trainer (Level 5)
  • Corporate Trainer (Level 6)
  • Rug Cleaning and Maintenance Staff ((Level 3)
  • Window Film Implementer (Level 4)
  • Foil Implementer (Level 4)
  • Tire Maintenance and Protection Staff
  • Roadway Cutting Machinery Operator (Level 4)
  • Underground Preparation Staff (Level 3)
  • Underground Preparation Staff (Level 4)
  • Arbor culturist (Level 3)
  • Orchardist (Level 3)
  • Vegetable Culturist (Level 3)
  • Seed Culturist (Level 3)
  • Disabled and Senior Maintenance Staff (Level 3)
  • Disabled and Senior Maintenance Staff(Level 4)
  • Disabled and Senior Maintenance Coordinator (Level 5)
  • Gerontologist (Level 6)

The Communiqués also amend Occupational Standards for:

  • Geographic Information Systems Operator (Level 5)
  • Land Surveyor(Level 4)
  • Body Waxing Staff (Level 2)
  • Manicurist (Level 3)
  • Female Coiffeur (Level 4)
  • Male Coiffeur (Level 4)

Please see these links for full text of the Communiqués (only available in Turkish):