Turkey’s Energy Market Regulatory Authority (“Authority”) has updated the methodology for determining government reimbursements for investments in building new electricity transmission facilities, as well as lines to connect production and consumption facilities to the transmission system.

The methodology is used to calculate reimbursements for such construction where:

  • The Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (“TEİAŞ”) had insufficient funds, or
  • TEİAŞ failed to make an investment plan in a timely manner and new electricity transmission facilities and lines were required for electricity production and consumption facilities to enable connection to the electricity transmission system.

The former reimbursement methodology has been annulled (numbered 5557, 9 April 2015). The new Methodology will apply to reimbursements to legal entities which were previously subject to the former methodologies.

Please see this link for full text of the Resolution published in the Official Gazette numbered 29900 on 26 November 2016 (only available in Turkish)