Turkey’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has published Turkish Food Codex Regulation (“Regulation”), in the Official Gazette on 19 February 2020. The Regulation, entering into effect the same date, introduced new regulations regarding the vertical and horizontal food codex.

In addition to the various horizontal and vertical food codex issues included in the previous regulation, significant updates have been introduced under the articles titled special provisions and situations where there are no provisions.

The regulation includes the horizontal food codex provisions, which regulate food and food contact substance, materials, vitamins, minerals and food additives that can be added to/or come into contact with the relevant foodstuffs.

Vertical food codex provisions, which include specific criteria for substance and materials that are intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, shall also be implemented along with the horizontal food codex provisions.

The regulation clause titled “special provisions” introduced the following prohibitions regarding certain foodstuffs:

  • The production of the products with the names of fruity-sugary syrup, fruit dessert, molasses syrup, sweetened fruit sherbet and similar names, which gives the impression of it containing molasses even though no molasses have been traced, is prohibited.
  • The production of products that give the impression of it containing honey by adding flavorings or honey such as honey flavored syrup, pine flavored syrup, honey syrup and similar names, is prohibited.
  • Production of products that give the impression of it containing cheese by using vegetable oil or other food ingredients is prohibited.

In addition to these prohibitions, the article titled “Situations where there are no provisions” has increased the importance attributed to the national standards. Now, the regulations emphasize more clearly the priority of national standards over international standards in situations where there are no provisions.

Please see this link for the full text of the Regulation published in Official Gazette number 31044 on 19 February 2020 (only available in Turkish).