Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency organized a Cosmetic and Biocidal Legislation Training on 25-27 November 2021 with the participation of companies in the sector. The agency published the questions asked by the companies participating in the training and the answers to these questions on 24 January 2022.

The published Guide consists of three parts, based on the relevant unit of the Agency as the Legislation Unit, the Cosmetic Products Unit, and the Biocidal Products Unit.

The Legislation Unit answered the questions regarding the Draft Cosmetics Regulation and explained the changes to be made within the scope of the Draft Regulation.

The questions asked to the Cosmetics Unit were generally related to the use of the Product Tracking System (“System”), and the points to be considered in the registration of specific cosmetic products in the system and what to do in case of development of an active substance are explained in detail.

The Biocidal Unit answered the questions regarding the use of the Biocidal Module of the System, the licensing of biocidal products and the risk assessment reports to be prepared.

The guide is important because it contains detailed answers to the practical problems faced by companies operating in the sectors related to cosmetics and biocidal products.

You may access to the full text of the Guideline through this link (only available in Turkish).