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A reputation which took long decades to build can be undermined very quickly. Defamation and reputation issues can pose severe consequences if not dealt with quickly, sensitively or proportionately. These issues can also escalate rapidly, resulting in significant problems for commercial operations, as well as individual freedoms.

Moroğlu Arseven regularly helps clients on an urgent basis, supporting them to navigate sensitive legal and practical problems related to reputation issues. The firm protects clients’ reputations in Turkey via applying a range of offensive and defensive legal tools combined into a coherent strategy. Our clients include corporations, celebrities, sportspeople, political figures, influential or high-net-worth individuals, as well as newspapers, broadcasters and publishers.

Moroğlu Arseven has a strong track record of de-escalating reputational problems, pragmatically supporting clients on both sides of defamation allegations, as well as strategically dealing with reputation issues across a range of publication mediums. We help clients understand their options and consequences, to develop pragmatic strategies at both pre- and post-publication stages, adjusting to suit quickly changing circumstances.

Our support addresses a range of possible issues, such as misuse of private or commercially sensitive information, corporate espionage, breach of confidence, harassment, smear campaigns, extortion, inaccurate statements and reporting, malicious falsehoods, as well as dealing with escalating disputes in the public arena.

Untrue or misleading allegations often arise in an online context, including social media platforms and traditional media outlets. Moroğlu Arseven supports clients with all aspects of internet takedown proceedings, injunctions, as well as interactions with courts to both pursue or defend criminal complaints and deal with government agencies.

The firm has substantial experience providing pre-publication advice to foreign publishers and media outlets about their Turkey-related content.

Where physical harm, psychiatric injury or accidental death occurs, the related legal issues can unfortunately be complex, emotionally-charged and involve high values for compensation or medical expenses. Moroğlu Arseven has strong experience assisting claimants, defendants and insurers with personal injury matters. We offer end-to-end advice on a full range of sensitive legal issues related to wrongful or neglectful acts, latent medical problems, industrial diseases, workplace or construction accidents, as well as product liability issues. Our assistance includes managing lawsuits for multiple claimants, representing foreign claimants who were injured while on holiday in Turkey, along with coordinating medical experts and liaising with government entities.

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