Moroğlu Arseven, in accordance with the Code on Attorneyship and Union of Bar Associations of Turkey’s rules, is an independent law firm operating without organic association or affiliation with foreign law firms.

Given the global presence of many of our clients, Moroğlu Arseven recognizes the need to represent clients in a variety of countries and legal landscapes. Moroğlu Arseven’s participation in international legal associations also gives us access to leading international lawyers, with whom we collaborate on joint conferences, cross-border projects, and innovative legal transactions.

As an independent practice, we also enjoy the ability to establish even closer relationships with some of the world’s leading firms in order to serve our clients’ best interests in countries which are important trade and investment partners of Turkey. No wonder Germany is the first address for taking this step.

We are very happy to announce our first and newly established cooperative relationship with renowned German law firm Friedrich Graf von Westphalen & Partner, which allows us to stay at the forefront of legal developments in Germany and the EU, while ensuring that our clients receive high-quality representation in Germany.

Friedrich Graf von Westphalen & Partner is a leading German firm with offices in Cologne and Freiburg im Breisgau, as well as a strong relationship with international firms located in China, Brazil, France, Switzerland and other locations.