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Tag: Turkish Constitutional Court

Turkish Constitutional Court Finds Employer who Surveilled Employee’s Email Acted Lawfully where Surveillance Right was Recited in Employment Contract

16 Mar 2021

Turkish Constitutional Court (the “Court”) held that an employer who surveilled employee’s email acted lawfully where surveillance right was recited in the employment contract. In the instant case, employer terminated the employment contract after discovering that employee-petitioner was using […]

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Turkish Constitutional Court: In Correction Requests Regarding Declaration-based Taxes Miscalculated due to the Applicant’s Error, the Time Period for the Application Commencing from the Payment Date Violates the Right of Access to Court

19 Nov 2020

Turkish Constitutional Court, ruled that the dismissal decision adopted by the first degree court rendered due expiry of the time period of application commencing from tax payment date in correction requests for declaration-based taxes miscalculated due to the applicant’s […]

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Turkish Constitutional Court Ruled that Non-granting of Certificate of Inheritance due to Absence of Reciprocity Between Countries Constitutes a Breach of the Property Right

9 Oct 2020

Turkish Constitutional Court recently ruled that non-granting of the certificate of inheritance to applicants who have Syria and Hashemite Kingdom citizenship due to the absence of reciprocity between countries constitutes a violation of the property right. The application is […]

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