Turkey’s High Planning Council has announced the National Broadband Strategy and Action Plan for 2017 to 2020 (“Plan”). The Plan outlines three strategic goals and 25 actions in the area, with the primary aim being to increase investments in broadband services in order to spread related infrastructure across Turkey. Notably, the Plan also establishes the Broadband Strategy Monitoring Board, which will monitor and publicly report on Turkey’s progress against the Plan’s goals.

The National Broadband Strategy and Action Plan (2017-2020) was published in Official Gazette number duplicated 30277 on 21 December 2017, entering into effect on the same date.

The Plan’s aims include:

  • Improving access to fibre technologies across Turkey.
  • Improving capacity and speed of internet connections.
  • Progressing in line with market competition principles and market requirements.
  • Expanding the scope of inter-machine communications.
  • Developing smart city and transportation operations.
  • Execution of 5G research development activities.
  • Making broadband common and increasing the demand for internet services.
  • Making internet services and applications widespread and common.

The Plan’s aims will encourage production and new business opportunities in the broadband sector. The Plan also states that deductions will be made regarding taxes and other financial liabilities.

The Plan also includes broadband plans and investments amounts made by other countries, along with historic data about Turkey’s activities in the area.

Broadband Strategy Monitoring Board Established

Notably, the Plan establishes the Broadband Strategy Monitoring Board (“Board”), which will be made up of related public entities, operators and non-governmental organizations.

The Board’s purpose will be to maintain the Plan’s continuity, as well as to effectively implement and carry out the Plan’s actions. The Board will establish monitoring and evaluation systems for this purpose.

The Board will examine the current status of strategies and regularly publicly report on these.

You may find the full text of the Plan at this link (only available in Turkish).