Turkey has introduced regulations for manufacturing, categorizing, distributing and importing pyrotechnic substances. The new rules require pyrotechnic substances meet minimum composition and labeling standards, as well as comply with related European Union and international standards.

The Regulation on Certification, Placing into Market and Audit of the Pyrotechnic Substances (“Regulation”) was published in Official Gazette number 29845 on 2 October 2016, entering into effect on the same date.

Notable aspects of the Regulation include:

  • Pyrotechnic substances are classified into three categories, based on their types of use, sound levels and objectives (fireworks, stage and theater, and other). Each category is sub-divided further, pursuant to the hazard level, and an age limit is established for use.
  • Pyrotechnic substances are subject to:
    • Harmonized EU Standards (or equivalent Harmonized Turkish Standards), and
    • Provisions of the CE Marking Regulation, implemented by the Council of Ministers’ Decree number 2011/2588 on 16 December 2011.
  • Manufacturers of pyrotechnic substances must:
    • Prepare the necessary technical file
    • Implement the conformity assessment procedure.
    • Organize an EU conformity declaration.
    • Affix CE marking to the pyrotechnic substances.
  • Manufacturers must label pyrotechnic substances to ensure they are traceable. Labels should include information such as minimum safety distance and availability to use in open air.
  • Before placing pyrotechnic substances into the Turkish market, parties (including importers and distributors) must:
    • Ensure conformity assessment procedures have been implemented.
    • The substance bears the CE marking.
    • The substances complies with the Regulation.
  • The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology can appoint impartial legal entities with adequate technical knowledge and experience to assess conformity.
  • The Ministry must take all appropriate measures to address threats posed by pyrotechnic substances to the safety of health, property, the environment, or public interest, within this scope of this Regulation.

Please see this link for the full text of the Regulation (only available in Turkish).