Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Directorate General for Copyrights has provided access to Intellectual and Artistic Works Data Base (“Copyright Database”) through eser.telifhaklari.gov.tr on 8 May 2019.

The Copyright Database includes the following:

  • Information on works subject to transactions such as recording-registration and banderole,
  • Repertory recordings of music employee associations such as MESAM, MSG,
  • Information related to work, author, publisher and producer names and publishing and production years.

The Copyright Database has a significant function as it provides single point access to the primary information regarding works produced in the fields of music, art, science and literature.

The Copyright Database containing information on approximately 2.5 million works, is intended to provide information only. Therefore, it cannot be used as evidence to ownership of right in official transactions. Nevertheless, the Copyright Database is an important step towards establishing an intellectual and artistic works inventory in Turkey.

Please see this link for the Copyright Database (Only available in Turkish).