The Turkish Competition Authority (“Authority”) has announced that it will launch a sector enquiry, focusing on the expo industry. The enquiry will seek to better understand any behavioural and structural competition law problems in the area, as well as generate options for solving these problems. Stakeholders can submit opinions and suggestions to the Authority until 31 August 2017.

The Authority will particularly consider problems stemming from relationships between:

  • Expo facility operators and the expo organizers.
  • Expo organizers and expo participants.
  • Undertakings providing services and the expo area operators or expo organizers.

The Authority had identified problems with the relations between market participants. In particular, non-compete obligations for expo organizers or participants, as well as expo area operators’ obligations to supply single buyers. The sector inquiry aims to identify the effects of such arrangements on the sector’s competitive nature and to draw a framework for potential exemptions.

The Authority considers the market’s nature to be prone to abusive conduct, especially regarding expo facility management and expo organization. The sector inquiry aims to make a detailed examination of the sector’s structure, particularly focusing on any abusive conduct.

The Authority also seeks to address the legislation regulating the sector and the structure of the institutions implementing it, from a competition law perspective.

Please see this link for the full text of the Announcement (only available in Turkish).