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Yonca supports clients to protect, enforce and commercialize their intellectual property rights in Turkey. She focuses mainly on assisting clients to develop and implement strategies for the trademark, patent and copyright issues, as well as deal with contractual breaches, trade secrets, and unfair competition.

She has supported many well-known brands and patents on both sides of high-stakes and complex intellectual property disputes. These include clients experiencing problems entering the Turkish market, as well as dealing with trolls, passing-off, counterfeiting, as well as drug diversion issues. Yonca assists clients to use a range of tools to protect their rights, such as filing infringement, invalidation, or non-declaratory judgment lawsuits.

Yonca also supports clients to negotiate and draft agreements which protect or dispose of their intellectual property rights, such as usage licenses, ownership assignments, or arrangements for coexistence and trade secrets. During this process, Yonca focuses on ensuring legal arrangement support and encourage clients’ broader commercial aims, as well as ensuring clients completely understand local rules and dynamics.

In the workplace context, Yonca also helps clients to deal with the legal aspects of employee inventions, including understanding the rules, structuring compensation mechanisms, as well as dealing with related disputes.

Yonca has significant knowledge of Turkish advertisement rules, including rules and restrictions for regulated industries like food, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics.

She has experience assisting foreign clients to understand and navigate local advertising rules, also supporting clients during complicated and time-sensitive ambush marketing conflicts.

Yonca supports a broad range of domestic and international companies, most notably in the FMCG, pharmaceutical, beauty care, automobile, and energy sectors.


  • Istanbul Bar Association (2011)
  • Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, Patent Attorney (2009)
  • Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, Trademark Attorney (2009)


  • LL.M. Private Law, Istanbul University, Faculty of Law (Ongoing)
  • LL.B. Law, Istanbul University, Faculty of Law (2009)


  • Turkish
  • English