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Successful management of an intellectual property portfolio requires carefully coordinating and prioritising complementary legal mechanisms, to ensure that each seamlessly supports and protects a client’s commercial objectives and strategy. Moroğlu Arseven assists clients to make informed decisions about which of their intellectual assets are worth monitoring and defending, as well as when and how to do so. We offer a comprehensive and hands-on approach, assisting clients to cost-effectively establish, define, maintain, protect, grow and leverage their Turkish intellectual property portfolios. We place particular emphasis on offering a reality-based approach to balancing portfolio risks and legal costs.

Structured portfolio management generally involves drawing together multiple activities into a tailored and planned strategy, which supports intellectual assets throughout their full lifecycle. Common elements include supporting companies to audit their existing rights and legal risk exposures, or establish structured processes to monitor annuities and deadlines, plus third-party market activities via watching services. We regularly support multinational clients to develop local strategies which align and compliment portfolio strategies at a regional or global level.

Our structured management support often enables clients to identify growth opportunities for their portfolio, such as via licensing or divesting their existing rights, or even acquiring rights from third-parties to avoid disputes.

We have also planned and executed many market clean-up projects, supporting clients to rehabilitate their brands and stamp out intellectual property infringement. These projects often involve high-volume raids and seizures, multi-brand infringement, or simultaneous raids at multiple locations.

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