Moroğlu Arseven held a seminar on the Turkish electricity sector for around 30 Executive MBA students visiting from the University of Texas at Dallas. The students visited Greece and Turkey to learn about each country’s economic state and competitive advantages. The seminar was held at the Moroğlu Arseven offices on 16 April 2015.

The travelling students represented a range of industry backgrounds, including telecommunications, technology, retail, healthcare, banking, construction, and education, among others.

Topics addressed by Moroğlu Arseven during the seminar included:

  • Economic impact of the industry
  • Regulatory framework
  • Market structure
  • Impacts of renewable and nuclear energy
  • Privatization of energy assets and legal un-bundling of distribution companies
  • Public policies and strategy which drive or limit growth
  • Competition law considerations

The Executive MBA program is offered by the Naveen Jindal School of Management within the University of Texas at Dallas. The program is designed to enable business professionals to maximize their business performance.