Turkey has amended requirements for Technology Development Zones, specifically focusing on the relationship between Technology Development Zones and Organized Industrial Zones. Provisions address permission and infrastructure obligations, as well as deadlines for Technology Development Zones to become operational.

The Regulation on the Implementation of the Technology Development Zones (“Regulation”) was published in Official Gazette number 29797 on 10 August 2016.

Notable amendments and new provisions introduced by the Regulation include:

  • If a Technology Development Zone is located within an Organized Industrial Zone (“OIZ”), it must now obtain permission for the establishment from the relevant OIZ.
  • Technology Development Zones must now commence operations within three years their announcement being published in the Official Gazette. The General Directorate of Science and Technology can grant extensions of up to one year. However, the relevant Council of Ministers’ Decision will become invalid if the Technology Development Zone does not begin operations by this time.
  • If the Technology Development Zone is located in an OIZ, the OIZ management must provide infrastructure services in accordance with the Law on Organized Industrial Zones number 4562, dated 12 April 2000.
  • Evaluation conditions for incentive applications are outlined in detail.

Technology Development Zones established before 10 August 2016 receive until 10 August 2017 to comply with the Regulation’s new requirements.

Please see this link for the full text of the Regulation (only available in Turkish).