The Turkish Patent Institute (“TPI”) has launched an optional electronic mailbox system for Trademark and Patent Attorneys to receive notifications. From 17 August 2016, attorneys can log into the mailbox system using e-signatures and electronically sign an undertaking on their first login.

For notifications uploaded to the mailbox system, the receipt date is either:

  • The date an Attorney logs into their mailbox, if the login is within ten days of the TPI uploading the notification.
  • The tenth day after the TPI uploads the notification, if an Attorney fails to log into their mailbox within this period.

To ensure the system’s reliability and to avoid any possible loss of rights, Attorneys will receive a daily email to their regular email address, containing a list of notifications available in their TPI mailbox.

The TPI mailbox system optional at this stage and only available to Trademark and Patent Attorneys. Legal entities and natural persons acting on their own behalf will continue to receive their notifications via post and registered e-mail system.

Please see the link for the TPI’s announcement (only available in Turkish).