Turkey’s energy regulatory has announced 2016 principles and methods for calculating electricity market operation revenues for the Energy Markets Operating Company (“EPIAS”). Accordingly, revenue required for EPIAS operations (as the exclusive market operator) will be allocated among the market participants which supply or intake electric power to the balancing power system. Market participants include license holders for production, supply (including Organized Industrial Zone suppliers), distribution and transmission.

The Energy Market Regulatory Board published the Notification on Price and Commission Calculation Methods for Compensation of Electricity Market Operation Revenues (“Notification”) in Official Gazette number 29811 on 24 August 2016.

The Notification includes formulas for calculating market operating prices for operations in the day-ahead market, balancing power market and reconciliation settlements. Pricing will be made on the basis of costs charged for the services provided to market participants.

Insufficient data was available to calculate estimated operation volumes for 2016 was not available during preparation of the 2016 tariff proposals. Therefore, the approximate monthly operation volumes between July and December 2015 will be used for the calculation (Provisional Article 1 of the Notification).

Please see this link for full text of the Notification (only available in Turkish).