Turkey has amended regulations related to electricity system connection and usage. Changes apply to setting and reducing power levels stated in system connection and usage agreements, as well as investment repayment conditions, and notification of power outages.

The Regulation Amending the Electric Market System Connection and Usage Regulation (“Amendment Regulation”) was published in Official Gazette number 29786 on 30 July 2016, entering into effect on the same date.

Significant changes introduced by the Amendment Regulation include:

  • Power levels for system connection and usage agreements between consumers and the Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (“TEİAŞ”) must be the same as the levels set by TEİAŞ during issuance of its opinion regarding connection to the transmission line.
  • TEİAŞ will invite consumers by 31 October 2016 whether to increase power levels where the power levels in the system usage agreements is below the power levels from the connection agreements. Revised agreements must be signed within three months of this invitation. If consumers do not answer TEİAŞ’ invitation and make an application with the revised agreements to the TEİAŞ, the connection of the consumption facilities will be disengaged from the transmission line five days after the three months period expires.
  • Consumers cannot request a decrease in power if the requested power level is lower than the power levels set on the signed system connection and usage agreements.
  • TEİAŞ will repay investors in equal monthly payments over maximum ten years for transmission assets established on behalf of TEİAŞ due to lack of financing, or investments to connect transmission lines to production and consumption facilities. The legal entity will be exempt from transmission tariff system usage costs for these investments (value added tax excluded).
  • TEİAŞ and distribution companies must notify users at least two days before planned power cuts conducted by the Energy Market Management Incorporated Company within the scope of the Energy Market Stabilization and Reconciliation Regulation.

Please see this link for full text of the Amendment Regulation (only available in Turkish).