Turkey’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has updated licensing procedures for solar electricity facilities. Changes apply procedural aspects of pre-license application assessments, as well as amendment applications and applications for unlicensed solar generation facilities.

The Regulation Regarding Technical Assessment of Electricity Production Based on Solar Power (“Regulation”) was published in Official Gazette number 30110 on 30 June 2017.

Notable changes introduced by the Regulation include:

  • Pre-license applications for licensed solar electricity production must now be made to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (“Authority”), which will pass on the application documentation to the Renewable Energy General Directorate (“Directorate”) for technical assessment.
  • The Directorate will now classify applications before processing them, based on substations and/or regions.
  • The General Directorate of Highways and the General Directorate of State Airports Authority can now request flash point analysis from the Directorate, to decrease possible negative effects of proposed solar plants located near existing or planned roads and airports.
  • More details are provided regarding the Directorate’s assessments of amendment applications.

Please see this link for full text of the Regulation (only available in Turkish).