Turkey has revised its procedures and principles for making, evaluating, updating and approving electricity demand estimates. The revised regulations apply to the Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (“TEİAŞ”), organized industry sites, distribution companies and supplier companies in charge. They set detailed procedures for demand estimates, as well as overarching principles. The Regulation on Electricity Market Demand Estimates 29705 was published in Official Gazette number 29705 on 7 May 2016 (“Regulation”), entering into effect on the same date.

Distribution companies and supplier companies in charge must make annual demand estimates and submit these estimates to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (“EMRA”). The distribution companies make their estimates regarding their distribution areas, whereas supplier companies in charge make estimates regarding the final retail source, retailer sale and consummation of free consumers.

Organized industry sites must prepare demand estimates for their distribution areas. Depending on their connection, they must submit these estimates to the relevant distribution company, or to TEİAŞ.

While making the estimates, these principles apply:

  • The preferred demand estimate model should be consistent with electricity demand behavior,
  • Variations which are scientifically and economically meaningful should be used,
  • Determinacy coefficients should be explainable.

The Regulation also outlines detailed procedures for preparing, submitting, evaluating and approving demand estimates.

Failures to comply with the Regulation can result in fines or license cancellations (Article 16 of the Electricity Market Law with no. 6446).

The Regulation abrogated the Regulation Regarding Electricity Energy Demand Estimates published on the Official Gazette number 26129 on 4 April 2006.

Please see this link for the full text of Regulation (only available in Turkish).