The Economy Coordination Board (the “Economy Board”) was established by Presidential Decree numbered 77 (the “Decree”), published in Official Gazette dated 30 June 2021, numbered 31527.


The Decree tasks the Economy Board with ensuring and overseeing the development and implementation of holistic economic policy, appropriately coordinated among interested institutions and organizations, and designed to promote domestic economic stability. (Decree, article 3)

The Economy Members

  • Vice President & Chairman to be appointed by the President of the Republic of Turkey
  • Minister of Treasury and Finance
  • Minister of Labor and Social Security
  • Minister of Energy and Natural Resources
  • Minister of Industry and Technology
  • Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Minister of Commerce
  • Head of Strategy and Budget

The Economy Board, in its discretion, may invite to its meetings representatives of non-governmental organizations, universities, and the private sector. (Decree, article 3)

Duties and Powers

  • To ensure general coordination in the field of economic policies.
  • To ensure and pursue cooperation and coordination between institutions and organizations that have duties and responsibilities in the formulation and implementation of economic policies.
  • To monitor and assess developments in both the local and global economy, as well as economic stability and development; to conduct effect analyses for policy implementations; and to form sub-working groups when necessary. (Decree, article 4)

The Decree is available at this link. (Only available in Turkish)