Moroğlu Arseven, K & L Gates LLP and EY Turkey; October 13, 2015, the “European Union, the Middle East and North Africa, Commonwealth of Independent States Top of its Affecting Construction and Infrastructure Sector of Russia and Turkey Legal Developments and Dispute Resolution Process Management Conference” has organized a joint conference. Conference; Turkey, the United Kingdom and operating in the field of construction and infrastructure in Dubai, deep experience and knowledge with more than 120 industry representatives was held with the participation of experienced lawyers and consultants.

The conference, divided into four main sessions on legal and commercial issues with key prescriptive sectors, experienced representatives discussed trends in legislation and practice, risks from regulatory compliance, and dispute settlement processes while industry representatives shared their observations and experiences with participants.

In the first session; Representatives of construction companies established in Turkey, shared his assessment based on recent experiences and observations about to overseas markets. Speakers; EU, Middle East and North Africa, Turkey and based on their experience in Russia, was found in approach and transfer knowledge about their preparations for the risks foreseen under various operational issues.

Speakers in the second session; EU, Middle East and North Africa, the legal framework and practical trends in Turkey and Russia, in particular to evaluate regulatory compliance issues under the anti-corruption practices. Speakers, Great Britain, Russia, Europe, giving information about the legal framework and approaches in the fight against corruption in the Middle East and Turkey, shared his impressions of implementation.

In the third session, speakers talked about the methods and procedures in the field of risk management and the basic issues of how to implement these procedures, focusing on risk management at the point of compliance. In addition to the basic steps to be taken against the issues, practical methods of reducing risk and protecting from risk, including contractual provisions and comprehensive reviews, were also discussed.

In the last session of the day, within the scope of arbitration and related dispute resolution; the procedures to be followed before the arbitration, the situations that private law persons face with the state, and the disputes between private law persons were discussed. Speakers shared the roadmap they drew based on experience and practice, addressing what the expectations of the parties should be about the implementation of the referee decisions.